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If A Student Is Sat At A Table What Is The Best Way To Move Him To Another Table Or Seat

Goto "Table Assignments"
Click on any vacant seat or Click on "Add yourself as a kibitzer"
If you want 2 players to interchange their seats then
player 1 will click on their own name to unseat (the seat now shows vacant)
player 2 clicks on the vacant seat
player 1 clicks on the other seat which has been vacated.

Once a hand has finished play how can you rewind that hand?

then there is a sub-menu "..." next to the "new board"
You can select replay or any board in the set.

Can Assistants Or Teachers Sit At At Table


How do we put people onto tables?

Only students sit at tables. Teachers and assistants have the god-like view. They monitor play.
Students click on a vacant seat to sit there.

On Old Ipads It Does Not Show Souths Played Card In The Centre Of The Table

The system needs a modern browser.
Another possiblility is that the tablet went to sleep and lost the connection.
Try to refresh the page (click on the circular arrow near the address bar)
This should reconnect and bring everything upto date.

How do my assistants register as assistants?

Select "Member Sign In"
at the bottom of the screen is the option to register as a teachers assistant.
The invite code for a teacher's assistant is "cub".

Can they also register as teachers?

No. Choose one or the other.
I can easily change you from one to the other.

Do I send my assistants the name of the room and a code to get into it?

The name of the room is the invitation code used to access the room.

How do I set the code - or is it always cub?

To register as a teachers assistant that is the invite code. Your helper will only need to do that once.
After that they use the "members sign in" enter their email address and the password that they made up.
In practice the browser will remember the email/password, so it's easy.

Can't See the Mini-Bridge "Next Step" button

This is under "Options"
If it's not there then goto "Table Assignments" and make sure the mini-bridge option is selected (not normal-bridge)
When you do change this option, the "reset all tables" button turns red. It needs to be pressed for the tables to be reconfigured.

How Do I Know When The Student Has Selected A Contract?

When the student selects a contract, it will appear for everyone in the top left of the screen.

When a hand has been played and discussed, and students are ready to move to the next round, can different tables move on separately, or do they all have to go together?

Each table can move at its own pace. Or the pace of the teacher/assistant.
The student in the north seat can select the new board and can do the "next steps" if you want to tell them about it. This gives some autonomy to the students when they are familiar with the system. In normal-bridge, I always ask the north player to move the boards on.

How does one communicate with students?

You talk to them. Use in conjunction with video conferencing software eg Zoom.
The "Yellow Hand" can be clicked by students which alerts you that they need assistance. This is what shows in the message box.